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Happy Fall!

Being that the artist’s canvas selection is typically a carefully selected leaf, I figured Spanish artist, Lorenzo Duran, was the perfect artist pick for the first day of fall.

State-Shaped Cutting Boards

Ohio Cutting Board by A.Heirloom

I am originally from Ohio and graduated from The Ohio State University, so I can’t help but be prideful of my home state.  So, naturally I want this super cool cutting board from Brooklyn based artists, Amy & Bill Stringer-Mowat at A.Heirloom.  Of course, they also offer many other neat state and country cutting boards for all of you non-Ohioans.

California, New York, Florida, France, Italy, & Australia Cutting Boards by A.Heirloom

Bernard Katz’s Hand Blown Glass Sculptures

Trans Bolinas (in cerulean blue) by Bernard Katz

Salinas group (left) & Grand Serenoa (right) by Bernard Katz

Melange Series 8 (left) & Melange Series 2 (right) by Bernard Katz

Vilano and Trans Bolinas (in cinnamon) by Bernard Katz

Large Root Vase (left) & Pine Vase group (right) by Bernard Katz

I am completely fascinated by the increasingly popular hand blown glass sculptures of Philadelphia artist, Bernard Katz.

Book Sculptures by Bronia Sawyer

Book Bird Sculpture by Bronia Sawyer

Book Bird Sculpture by Bronia Sawyer

Blue & Gold Sculpture by Bronia Sawyer

Book Sculptures by Bronia Sawyer

Book Sculptures by Bronia Sawyer

UK based artist, Bronia Sawyer, skillfully folds, rolls, and colors the pages of old books to create these uniquely beautiful birds & flower-like sculptures.


Melissa Borrell Jewelry Design

Vines Pendant, Pop-Out Collection by Melissa Borrell Design

Lace Earrings, Pop-Out Collection by Melissa Borrell Design

Narrow Topograph Necklace, Topograph Collection by Melissa Borrell Design

Tangent, 2d3d Collection by Melissa Borrell Design

Bubble Ring, Bubble Collection by Melissa Borrell Design

I originally stumbled across Melissa Borrell’s Jewelry at the MoMA Design Store in NYC.  I quickly realized that she is becoming quite popular with her pop-out jewelry collection.  The pop-out jewelry literally comes still attached to original metal card from which the design was cut.  You do it yourself – pop out the piece and attach it to the chain or earring wire.  As you can see Melissa also has other beautiful jewelry collections, and also creates beautiful wall coverings, sculptures, textile designs, lighting, home accessories, etc.  Clearly she is making her mark in the art & design world.

Art within a Pencil

Alphabet Pencils by Dalton Ghetti

Key, Chain Link, Hand Saw, & Hammer by Dalton Ghetti

Boot & Intertwined Hearts by Dalton Ghetti

Many artists have used pencils, but few have created them into their own art piece.  Brazilian born, Connecticut based, Dalton Ghetti, carefully carves these interesting miniature pencil sculptures from the graphite of a pencil tip.

[via shelleysdavies] & [via KRonikle]

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